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Commercial Investments

Commercial investments revolve around real estate that generates income by leasing out space to tenants that meet specific requirements all while maintaining a strong tenant landlord relationship. Commercial investments can be found in many different sectors such as office space, retail, multifamily, RV parks, self storage. What type of property is appropriate for your investment

Risk & Capital are the primary factors determining which type of investment is appropriate for investors.

Commercial Investments Washington State


Low risk and stabilized properties with existing and long term cash flow.

Value Add

Medium risk properties that need improvements in order to sustain and increase cash flow.


High risk properties that require a lot of work, but have great potential for very high ROI.

Core Real Estate Investments

Core is synonymic with with income in the stock world and the same is true when it comes to commercial real estate investments. Core properties generally require very little hands on management and are an excellent choice for first time real estate investors to get started with a low risk and stable income generating property.

Core Real Estate Investments are low risk, stable properties that already have tenants with great credit scores and long term leases, making them one of the smartest commercial investments in the market.

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Core Commercial Investments
Value Add Commercial Investments

Value-Add Real Estate Investments

Core Plus Real Estate Investments take the low risk part of Core Investments and adds the opportunity for growth which in turn raises the risk to “low to moderate”.

Value-Add Real Estate Investments are essentially to opposite of Core Real Estate Investments. Value-Add properties have little to no existing cashflow, but have the opportunity for high rates of growth when compared to Core properties.

Value-Add properties are best suited for experienced commercial real estate investors with the capacity to invest into the property to realize it’s true potential. While Value-Add Real Estate Investments need a much more hands-on approach than Core and Core Plus investments, they also offer the chance for the highest rate of return on investment(ROI).

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Development Real Estate Investments

Development Real Estate Investments are the riskiest of the 4 types of commercial real estate investments. The issues the investor will face are more complicated than with Value-Add properties, but Development Real Estate Investments have the potential for huge amount of cash flow once the value has been added to the property.

Having a professional like the experts at SAMEC Investments guide you through the available Development Real Estate Investments is crucial to success. Our analysts will preform a S.W.O.T. analysis on you and the properties on the market, to find the best match and greatest chance of the highest ROI.

Development Real Estate Investments are best suited for investors with a high risk tolerance and with the patience to wait up to 3 years or more to start seeing returns. Investors in this type of real estate should also be ready to invest more cash than debt on this type of property since banks typically won’t lend out more than 50% in this area.

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Development Commercial Investments

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